European Vacuum Carburizing Summit 2015  (April 21st-22nd)

Europe is an important and dynamic force in heat treatment, contributing new technologies, materials, ideas, processes, energy saving and environmental standards. Fuelled by its market size and growth, Europe will continue to be a key place for the heat treatment industry to seek more innovations, as well as more efficacious and efficient methods in heat treating.

The long-term success of the European market depends on the creation of a pan-European platform that supports regular meetings on developments and trends from the continent but also from the world.

This event will be combined with the 2nd CE European Heat Treatment Forum & Expo (22.-23.04.). The first edition in 2014 with over 200 participants (customers 53%) and 30 booths with 43 exhibiting companies was already a quite big international success. Both conferences will be simultaneously translated. The exhibition will be open all 3 days (21.-23.04.) with free public access.




Organizers and Partners
In the pursuit of a common platform, the Global Heat Treatment Network has initiated and organized the European Summit, one of few long-awaited special events.

We are industry professionals with a record of successful leading events that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. All partners and speakers represent major technology leaders worldwide.


Global Market Trends
Many global experts believe that currently there are two important development trends in the global heat treatment industry. One is the increasing importance of nitriding technologies, the second is increasing usage of vacuum heat treatment technology with vacuum carburizing continuously replacing atmosphere carburizing (not only to reduce emissions and energy usage). Following those trends we organized in October 2014 the European Nitriding Summit now we continue with the European Vacuum Carburizing Summit.

The European Vacuum Carburizing Summit 2015 is the first comprehensive conference on Vacuum Carburizing and Carbonitriding in Europe. The first edition will take place in Poland this April. Ultimately it will move to become a biennial event and alternate between venues starting in Europe, Asia and North America.


The purpose of these global conferences is to present newest trends, share knowledge, and enable people to establish business contacts. Composed of leading global players and top technical speakers, these premium meetings are an important tool in providing a platform for presenting the newest developments and sharing innovative and practical solutions to vacuum carburizing and carbonitriding problems.

This European Vacuum Carburizing Summit 2015  will deal with all aspects of Vacuum Carburizing technologies (incl. oil, gas, High Pressure Gas Quench and mist-quenching).

The broad range of topics covered makes our program interesting to various professionals working in the heat treatment industry, including commercial heat treaters, managers, operators, but also for manufacturers of furnaces and auxiliary equipment and for the whole range of suppliers & professionals servicing and maintaining heat treatment equipment.

Benefits for Participants
Those attending the European Vacuum Carburizing Summit 2015 will have the chance to meet personally with a wide range of suppliers operating in the industry, potential customers and partners. You will be able to share experiences, update your knowledge of state-of-the-art VC technologies, as well as find new contacts in the heat treating sector.